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New Roto Grip Nomad’s & Crown Clear Polyester Bowling Balls Available Tomorrow!

The New Nomad

, Nomad Pearl

, and Crown Clear Polyester

are ready to be shipped tomorrow!

We all know how successful the Cell

Line has been for bowlers everywhere. Well it's time for the truth to come out... Roto Grip is definitely not a one line wonder! They have been making quality equipment for years and still continue to be top of the line! With their new Nomad's, bowlers will be able to play on a much wider array of lane conditions. The Cell Line is wonderful when there is lots of oil. We think the Nomad

is the perfect benchmark ball, and the Nomad Pearl

is the perfect compliment for when the solid starts to hook up too early. Also, these balls will be killers on Sport conditions due to their predictability!

Also, Roto Grip is coming out with some of the coolest plastic spare balls around! Their newest in this area is the Crown Clear Polyester

! You have to see this ball in person in order to truly appreciate the detail that this bowling ball has. It literally looks like it could've been taken off of a 12th century Gothic castle! Perfect for shooting spares and showing off while doing it!

Be sure to get your hands on these new winners from Roto Grip! King Of Them ALL!