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New Releases: Brunswick Nexxxus f(P+F), C System maxxed-out And Karma Urethane

Brunswick Nexxxus f(P+S):

Length with a strong backend reaction. It's the most desired ball reaction in bowling. Brunswick has outdone themselves with the strongest backend reaction in its history. Great length and carry as well will make this the first ball out of the bag!

The Nexxxus f(P S) is currently selling for $109.95 and rates a 222.8.

Brunswick C.(System) maxxed-out:

Following in the footsteps of the C (System) versa-max, the maxxed-out gives bowlers an earlier and stronger overall reaction with a strong move on the backend. It's the perfect compliment to the versa's long and smooth predictability!

The C (System) maxxed-out is currently selling for $99.95 and rates a 194.9.

Brunswick Karma Urethane:

Brunswick fans have been asking for a true, dry lane bowling ball. Nothing is better than urethane... except for a urethane ball with the Danger Zone core!

The Karma Urethane is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 121.5.