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New Releases: 900 Global Profit and Bank!

It's time to turn talent and technology into Profit! The Profit is designed specifically to be clean through the front and rip down the lane. The new 900 Global Profit! The Profit builds on the success of the S70 coverstock made popular by the Break and Break Out bowling balls. The Profit Pearl coverstock combines the S70 with a totally new core design from 900 Global which promotes a ball motion which starts up midlane and retains energy through the pins. This midlane motion and ease at which the Profit gets through the heads provides bowlers with a strong reactive ball which promotes flexibility to ones arsenal on a variety of lane conditions.

The Profit is currently selling for $128.99 and rates a 207.6.


Purchase a Bank and win your shot at a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat! 900 Global has designed a ball that will take your game to the next level... and you can take that to the BANK! The Bank features our newest core design “Self Righting Core” (SRC). The SRC is both homogeneous in nature and also mono-monostatic. The unique core shape contains only one stable point. Unlike all other cores in the industry the SRC core will always move and twist to its stable position regardless of how or where it is placed. It will right it self! Our testing indicated that when in rotation the core shape easily moves without resistance or hesitation in seeking the stable spot helping give the bank greater ease in transitioning through the phases of ball motion. Other cores on the market that have multiple stable, or flat spots, must expend additional energy to move off of that position and thus not efficiently and effectively optimize energy transfer to yield maximum ball reaction. The SRC, once in motion, does not need to expend additional energy to seek its sole stable position and therefore creates optimum ball reaction for the bowler. An additional benefit of the SRC is the value of the “Moment Arm”. The moment arm measures the likelihood of a force to rotate an object about any given axis. The larger the moment arm the greater amount of loping and imbalance forces the core will have during rotation. This effect leads to increased energy retention. The SRC has the greatest moment arm available. The combination of having the greatest moment arm and only one stable point creating the least resistance gives The Bank a unique and powerful motion. (For a greater detailed explanation view the entire technical article location on our website). Bank Review from Walter Ray Williams Jr. "The Bank is a great complement to the other balls in the line this year, a good aggressive ball that handles oil. The core and coverstockare a perfect match and transition well off the breakpoint in a firm predictable manner even on wetter conditions. The Bank allows me the flexibility to play multiple angles and maintain excellent carry from even the deeper parts of the lane. What I found very appealing was the way the Bank retained its energy, this upped my carry percentage."

The Bank is currently selling for $146.99 and rates a 210.5.

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