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New Releases: 900 Global Bullet Train and Dirty Look!

900 Global Bullet Train:

The Bullet Train is the newest train in the station! This ball will perfectly compliment the Freight Train by giving you more length with a strong, controllable backend reaction. This ball will put you on the fast track to success!

Get to striking fast with the 900 Global Bullet Train! The Bullet Train S79 Hybrid coverstock is best suited for heavy to medium-heavy oil. To harness the energy from the more aggressive S79 coverstock the Combustion Core now features a 2.55 RG and 0.040 Diff. This pairing produces a strong mid-lane reaction with plenty of continuation. Finish: NEAT (2,500 grit). 900 Global's NEAT finish creates the most consistent finish on any bowling ball in the industry today. The A finish on the Bullet Train optimizes the strength of the Combustion Core with the aggressiveness of the S79 coverstock.

The Bullet Train is currently selling for $69.99 and rates a 222.8.

900 Global Dirty Look:

The Dirty Look offers great length with a very strong backend reaction. This ball gets down the lane with ease and is great for when you want to move inside and open the lane up!

Stare down defeat and let it know who's boss with the 900 Global Dirty Look! Sometimes the oil dissipates and you have to play in the “dirt!" Introducing the new Dirty Look, a look for bowlers that need a clean path through the trenches up front and a powerful back end snap down lane. Built around a medium-high RG asymmetric core the S73 pearl shell will fuel this ball's patience to conserve its energy until it's needed most. Go ahead, get dirty!

The Dirty Look is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 203.5.
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