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Mini Viz-A-Ball Awards

There are several outstanding selections of Mini Viz-A-Ball Awards available to you right here at our site. These specialty products have grown in popularity and are a limited edition collector’s series from Brunswick. These balls look great sitting on a desk or in a display case and are scaled to one-eighth in size compared to regular bowling balls. Mini Viz-A-Ball awards feature 360 degree colorful graphics and make wonderful gifts, are intended for use as a trophy or an award item, as a collectible item, or for home and office decorations.

Examples of this series available at include the Awards 300 Game, the Awards 700 Series, and Awards 800 Series balls. The two sides of graphics will commemorate these special bowling achievements and will be loved and appreciated by the bowler in your life. These balls look classy especially with the wooden base that comes with a plaque on which you may engrave any information desired.

These unique gifts are easy for anyone to display on their desk or in their home. Don’t miss an opportunity to acquire one of these specialty awards by following a few simple steps before you make your purchase and to familiarize yourself with important features and information.

Click on the “Exclusive Products” button on our home page, then scroll down to the “Type” option and then to Mini Viz-A-Ball Awards, and finally click on the image of any of the three award balls displayed and bring it up on screen, and take a little time to familiarize yourself with the description details of that ball. There is a useful option of choosing between two extended warranty plans so you may determine your level of protection. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following our simple online instructions or merely call us at (888) 265-2695 and one of our sales associates will be available to assist you Monday-Friday 8am-6pm(EST). Thanks for visiting!

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