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Like unique balls? Check out some of these lesser known companies!

We’re all familiar with most of the big name bowlingball companies, and there’s no doubt they make good equipment. However, sometimes you just want something different, something unique, something no one else in your center has. It’s kind of like a when a girl is in high school and she picks out the perfect dress for the prom. When she shows up there’s another girl wearing the same dress. She still looks great, but it’s just not the same.

Well if you’re that way when it comes to bowlingballs, there are a couple new and some old but lesser known companies out there that make great stuff. You can have equipment that reacts great that most people haven’t even seen!

The first of these companies, and probably the most familiar, is Lane #1. They’ve got a devoted fan base, but aren’t as much in the spotlight as the big companies. They are a smaller company and really put lots of thought into each release! Balls such as the , and new releases the and will help you stand out in league. Both with your unique ball and high scores!

Another company, Legends/Lane Masters, makes some of the best unique balls on the market. What sets L/LM apart is that they use the most resin in their balls of any company. In the Legends series many of the releases have NO filler material at all. This will ensure a ball that will react great for a long time! Check out the and for starters!

And for one more, a new company called Motiv is now making really good bowling equipment! The coolest thing about Motiv is their NeoMark™ graphics. These labels never wear off and show up really well! Straight from the Motiv website: “Patent pending, NeoMark™ technology allows a solid filled multi-color graphic to be unified with the bowling ball coverstock, eliminating the need for engraving. This new technology not only provides visually distinctive logo marks, but also gives MOTIV™ bowling balls improved performance and a quality advantage. They are highly resistant to cracking and chipping and wear just like the coverstock because they ARE part of the coverstock. The most notable advantage of NeoMark™ graphics is that they allow the bowling ball to maintain consistent reaction down the lane even as the track area passes over them.” Take a strong look at the and for starters!

Finding a unique bowlingball is easier than you think! Check out one of these companies, you won’t be disappointed!
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