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How To Properly Clean Your Bowling Ball, Originally Posted: 8/16/2010; Updated: 10/12/2023

Learning how to properly clean your bowling ball is fairly easy if you give a little thought these options:

  • Pro Shop Services

  • Personal Use of Cleaning Agents

  • When to Clean Your Ball

***2023 UPDATE: Per USBC Rules & Regulations: Cleaning your bowling ball may only be done before or after sanctioned leagues/competitions. Only the use of a dry towel is allowed during competition.***

 Anyone can learn optional methods of how to properly clean your bowling ball. First, one recommended option is to use the services of your local pro shops. Pro shops are equipped with high speed ball spinners and varying grits of Abralon pads and with polishes which allow for your to have the surface of your bowling ball screened with any given texture or grit of pad to prepare for the particular lane conditions you most frequently encounter.

The pro shops also provide polishing compounds so if you need to add polish on top of the screening of the ball surface, you have that option as well. Another feature many pro shops offer is a machine which virtually bakes the oil from the coverstock pores of bowling balls. This machine will clear saturated oil in the ball coverstock and then the ball can be screened on the spinner to add any desired surface texture or grit finish.

Normally, this bake process is not needed nearly as frequently as is a general surface preparation provided by the ball spinners, pads, and polishing agents. In fact, offers ball spinners for sale. Anyone wishing to own their own spinner, grit pads, polishes, and any other tools to maintain their bowling ball surfaces can do so at home with little effort in learning viable resurfacing techniques by purchasing all the necessary products right here at our site.

Cleaning bowling balls yourself is easier now than ever. Simply purchasing personal squeeze bottles available in pro shops or very inexpensively here at our site will provide the right agents to clean and to polish your ball by hand. We recommend purchasing one of our microfiber towels or sponges, a liquid ball cleaner, and polishes so you can keep the surface of your ball clean regularly. The microfiber towels are great for wiping away lane oil off of your ball surface during your session on the lanes, for cleaning your ball after possible rubber markings from the pit cushions in the pinsetters or from the ball return units, and for applying cleaners and polishes by hand. Monster Microfiber Pad Bowling Applicator is made from the same microfiber formula, but is small enough to place in your pocket while bowling for easy oil absorption after each shot.

It is recommended to clean the surface of your ball immediately after bowling when the pores in the coverstock of the ball are open due to the friction generated by bowling. There are, however, liquid cleaning agents approved for use by U.S.B.C. (United States Bowling Congress) during competition such as Monster Tac Remove All Ball Cleaner 4oz.

Self-cleaning your bowling ball surface and perhaps even adding some polish to the surface after you complete your session on the lanes will buy you time before the need in getting back to the pro shop occurs. Re-screening the surface of your bowling ball on the high speed ball spinner to restore your ball surface and best match to the lane conditions is always the best course of action, however. Hope these tips help?

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