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How to Keep Up To Date With

Read here to learn how to win a FREE Embroidered Microfiber Bowling Towel.

We believe that we need to keep in touch with you, our customers, about changes to our site, and the best way to accomplish this is through advancements in technology and social networking.

1) Blogs

Our blog is where we will strive to keep interesting information, articles, new product releases, and much more readily available to you. We want this to be OUR (Yours and's) community to exchange ideas and thought. We welcome your comments. Please stop by, register for an account and leave comments on any posts you see there.

2) Twitter

We have an identity on Twitter. This is a fascinating FREE service. It is a hard service to explain, but here is an interesting video on the topic. Twitter in Plain English by The Common Craft Show. Please watch the video, sign up for an account, and then "follow" us. You will learn as soon as there are new blog posts available, when the Striking Value is released, and so much more.

3) Facebook

We have a Facebook group that you can join to keep in touch with other bowlers, meet new people, or even get up to date on the latest bowling gossip. We are always looking for GREAT ideas to empower you, the customer.

Now to the point. How to get your FREE Embroidered Microfiber Bowling Towel. Please note that this only applies to people living in the Continental United States. I'm sorry for this limitation that we are putting on this drawing.

We are going to give five (5) towels away at random to people that leave comments on any blog post at

We are going to give another five (5) towels away at random to people following us on Twitter.

The winners will be contacted and we will announce the recipients of the towels in 2 weeks.

Good luck to all of you and we look forward to welcoming you to the community!

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