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How To Find Bowling Ball Drilling Layout Patterns

If you wish to learn how to find bowling ball layout drilling patterns, simply check out our site for the recommended options each manufacturer suggests. Since the challenge of selecting a layout pattern which matches your rev-rate, axis tilt, ball speed range, and the oil conditions is very complicated, it helps to have at your immediate disposal the many drilling layouts manufacturers suggest for these important variables involved in your game.

How to find bowling ball layout drilling patterns is made very easy here at by clicking on the "Drilling Layouts" button at the top of our home page. You will find an assembly of about twenty bowling ball manufacturers to choose from by clicking again on the name of the manufacturer. Each manufacturer presents the various ball lines offered by their individual brand and you can access the layout options for each line, and in most cases, for each ball by that given brand.

Details about the drilling options are presented. Information such as the hook style (large hook with continuous back-end, as example) produced by a given layout, the oil conditions best matched up with the given layout (medium-heavy oil with carry-down, as example), the type of rev-rate and axis tilt player a given layout will match (low track players with maximum rev-rate, as example), and diagrams of the layout options are also provided so you may clearly see where the layout details such as the CG are located, the Vertical Axis Line, Mid Plane, pin placement, balance hole location, and mass bias markings, to name some of the details provided in the diagrams.

There is also recommended options for the "psuedo-pin" layouts by clicking on the box in the matrix which indicates "Pin Distances 6 3/4" & Greater Layouts." You will find layouts for bowling balls with unusually located pin placements and how they best match with the variables just described.

It is virtually impossible for us to recommend a specific layout pattern to each bowler who visits our site because of the countless variables involved in a selection process. Why not get into the habit of visiting our site before choosing your next bowling ball and review the Drilling Layouts suggested for each ball, or line of balls, by any given manufacturer of your choice? Layout options are provided with good information that will help you make your important decision on which ball to choose next. You can then easily communicate with any ball driller you wish to have map a layout pattern matched with the variables in your game.

It is an odds-on chance that any ball driller you choose will have suggestions on layout patterns based on local knowledge of lane conditions, what layouts other successful players use on given conditions, and perhaps even how other like model bowling balls as the one you have selected best react with a given layout pattern? In many cases, a ball driller may "tweak" slightly the layout to accommodate your needs.

It is your responsibility to evaluate the conditions in which you expect to encounter with your next bowling ball and merge that information with the layout patterns suggested by the manufacturers here at our site, monitor reviews posted by other bowlers, and consult with your ball driller before making a final decision. It is very easy for beginner or intermediate "experience level" bowlers to simply rely on the pro shop operator to select a new ball and use a layout patterns which gives them a reasonable chance at success. Not so easy with "highly skilled or highly experienced" players.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to develop and consult with your own personal "team" when making decisions to strengthen your bowling ball arsenal. The ball driller is one logical candidate for your team, certainly the layout information provided at can be included in your research phases while considering options how to drill your bowling ball, and perhaps your own personal coach/trainer who helps you with decisions about your physical game, mental game, and integration of bowling balls into your arsenal or into your "system of bowling" developed by your team pointed to various levels of competition.

It is extremely difficult to act alone on the important components of your game. We recommend using a certified coach, a top amateur player, or a local professional player in addition to your ball driller on your path to progress. We recommend viewing the many ball videos we provide on our site so you can literally view the latest equipment being rolled down our private test facility lanes by our staff players on known oil conditions and with a known layout pattern. These ball videos, if you have never viewed any of them, are provided by top videographers in the industry. Please take some time while you are here to access the videos and also access the Drilling Layouts we have provided.

Some of the factors we think will help you in your layout selection process are bowling ball Length Potential and Hook Potential ratings provided by the manufacturers:

"Length potential" is a combination of how aggressive of a coverstock you choose coupled with the RG (Radius of Gyration) rating which determines when a given ball picks up its strongest rolling pattern. A low RG ball rolls quickly in the front end of the lane and matches well in heavy or medium-heavy oil, as example, while medium RG reacts strongest in the mid-lane, and high RG provides good skid distance and conserves energy for the back-end of the lanes.

"Hook Potential" is categorized by the flare potential rating which is how sharply a given bowling ball will hook on the back end of the lane coupled with its RG rating (radius of gyration). If you wish to see the strongest possible back end reaction, find a ball with a 6 inch flare potential rating or higher and use a layout which is compatible to the back end motion you seek.

Our “Perfect Scale®” rating feature is also useful and provides comparisons of the latest bowling balls in today’s market against our sophisticated rating scale system. The “Perfect Scale®” can be easily accessed from our home page by clicking on the button and then browsing the information provided at the “Perfect Scale®.” has created our own hook rating system using a method for indicating a ball’s hook potential and a way for consumer’s to compare bowling balls made by the leading manufacturers. Our goal is to simply make it easier for you to compare products and feel confident in your purchase selection process. We hope these tips help. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting!

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