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Hammer's New No Mercy Whup'N bowling ball

Are you ready to give the competition a Whup'N? Well now you finally can, and you can only get this ball at

With the introduction of the No Mercy Whup 'N, Hammer is Proud to offer a unique twist to the HART core concept that provides more aggressive backend attack for right-handed bowlers. Developed by our team of design engineers, the HART Offset core changes the orientation of the pin, HART, and center of gravity locations on the ball in order to produce length and aggressive backend reaction for right-handed bowlers without the need for exotic layouts and weight holes. Unfortunately, the No Mercy Whup 'N will not provide the same length with aggressive backend reaction for left-handed bowlers or bowlers with full-roller ball tracks.

The HART Offset core concept allows for more length and more aggressive backend reaction by placing the pin at 4 1/2 - 5 1/2" from the PAP (Positive Axis Point) and the HART well into the ball track.

This ball is designed for Right-Handers Only!!