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Brunswick Quantum Forest Green Solid Bowling Ball

Brunswick Quantum Forest Green Solid:

Bowlers who bowled in the 90's have had an empty spot in their hearts and their bowling bags since the Quantum line was discontinued. Quantum was the pinnacle of bowling ball performance. Well, IT'S BACK! The new Quantum Forest Green Solid uses the same technology principles that made Quantum so far ahead of its time but with updates to suit today's lane conditions. The Forest Green is very strong, early rolling and smooth. Perfect for medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions.

A legend has returned. The Brunswick Quantum Forest Green Solid!

Anyone who was a bowler in the 90's and early 2000's will remember Quantum. This boutique brand from Brunswick was known for its attention to detail and the best performance in bowling. Well, Quantum is back with the same standards but redesigned for today's lane conditions.

The Forest Green uses a solid formulation of the new PK 2016 coverstock. This coverstock will read the mid-lane and create an extremely strong, controllable reaction. The Quantum Mushroom High RG core is a replica of the original Quantum core. Each weight features a unique core shape in order to control differential and ensure the same reaction from all weights.

Designed for optimum performance on medium-heavy oil conditions, the Quantum Forest Green will stand above all others.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Quantum Forest Green Solid:

The new Quantum balls feature the return of single density cores and a thicker outer shell using 3.5 times more urethane for improved durability, increased performance longevity, and enhanced hitting power. Through the use of controlled dynamic integrity, the core shapes for each weight have unique designs in order to control the gross weight, core dynamics, and the resulting hook potential in the 14, 15, and 16 pound balls.

The Quantum Forest Green Solid is currently selling for $184.99 and rates a 231.8.


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