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whereby's information and copyright must be included. Monster Pad Microfiber Sponge

Finding the Monster Microfiber Pad Bowling Applicator is easy here at our site. exclusive products are well established in the bowling industry and among the most innovative and popular brands in the market today. The Monster Microfiber Pad Bowling Applicator is available right now for immediate delivery with free shipping, free insurance, and with no hidden handling charges.

Check out the Monster Pad Microfiber Sponge simply by clicking on the "Accessories" button on our home page, click on "Manufacturer", and then on "" brand. Click on the image of this item on the screen and you will learn the detail description information and customer reviews about the product. is proud to introduce another industry first. The Monster Pad offers a "handy" solution to a microfiber towel. This conveniently sized microfiber sponge fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and in your pocket. It is an easy to use alternative to carrying around a full size microfiber towel.

The Monster Pad is also perfect for cleaning and polishing your ball on your personal ball spinner or by hand at the bowling center. Just use one of our Microfiber Sponges and wipe away the spray of a top ball cleaner such as our own Monster Tac Remove All Ball Cleaner 4oz off of the surface of your reactive resin bowling balls and watch the ball reaction come alive.
Clean and shine your bowling ball with one simple application and get ready to compete on the lanes. The Monster Pad Sponge measures 3 3/4" x 5."

The advent of this Monster Pad is an ingenious idea. It is microfiber pad attached to sponge material which fits nicely in your pocket and results in no more "who took my towel?" When you clean the ball before and after bowling it holds the cleaner in the sponge while cleaning the ball instead of liquid cleaner running all over the ball or soaking completely through the towel. The Monster Pad is durable and may be washed when needed.

It is easier now than ever to use accessory items to help you remain competitive during competition. Take time to examine many fine accessory products we offer. Place an order simply by following the online instructions. Thanks for visiting

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