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Bowling Will Never Be An Olympic Sport

I am pondering bowling in the Olympics as the Summer Olympics of 2008 comes to a close. Never say never, but as of this writing, I doubt bowling will ever be an Olympic Event.

I have spoken with my boss, Keith Spear, quite a bit about this topic over the years. He has been in the bowling industry nearly his entire life and has thought about this in great detail.

Bowling is probably the only sport where you can not have an equal playing field for all contestants. Especially when it comes to right and left handed bowlers. Sometimes it sounds like right handed bowlers just whining and complaining, but when I have had all the facts laid out in front of me, I start to understand.

First off, roughly 85% of all bowlers are right handed. This puts a lot more "play" on the right hand side of the lanes, which will ultimately make the oil breakdown at a different pace the left hand side.

There doesn't seem to be a single great player. Sure Walter Ray Williams, Jr. has a lot of titles, but he has also been bowling for many years. Some players are better on one lane condition than another. How would it work in the Olympics, would every bowler have to bowl on every pattern? Would you come up with a single Olympic pattern that players could practice on?

There are so many variables that do not effect other sports. Sure there is wind in track and field, but it effects all players virtually equally.

I'm sure there many more reasons. Let's start an "Intense Debate". Leave your comments below. We would love to know your opinions.
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