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Become A League Bowler

If you are a newcomer to the game, consider the steps you may take to become a league bowler. Typically, new bowlers will join friends or family and participate in fun leagues which are handicap events making friendly competition fair and equitable to everyone.
Recreational or social open-bowling is certainly fun but does not provide the level of competition as do leagues. League bowling is the best way to advance in the game.
Here are a few simple tips in becoming a league bowler:
1. Check your community for the right bowling center where you enjoy frequenting and where you feel comfortable bowling. Before signing up for a league, bowl a game or two at your chosen center to get comfortable with the surroundings.
2. Ask control desk personnel to speak with the league coordinator or a league manager. There is always a key person in most all bowling centers responsible for organizing bowling leagues and getting people signed-up for the coming league season.
3. Choose a league which needs a new bowler with your relative experience or skill level. Feeling compatible with other league bowlers is a big step in relaxing and enjoying the competition.
4. Invest in your own bowling ball, shoes, and bowling bag. Personalized equipment, such as team shirts, can be made with matching colors and fonts to increase the spirit of teamwork while ensuring comfort during competitive games. Bowling pro shops normally offer discounts for league bowlers so be sure to stop by and inquire within.
5. Once you join a league, your league Secretary will help you join the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the sanctioning body for bowling making the rules and regulations of play, and you will receive a sanctioning card to begin league competition.

The objective of league bowling is to enjoy yourself and your teammates. Handicap leagues usually bring out goodwill between bowlers in an atmosphere of friendly competition.
In time you will advance in the game and perhaps develop a reasonable high bowling average. If you become an accomplished bowler, you can step up in levels of league competition and join challenging leagues.
There are senior league for adults 55 years and older available at every bowling center in America. There are junior leagues for youngsters 18 years or less.
Adult leagues are designed for men, women, and you can bowl with family and friends at virtually every level of competition.
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