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Altering Your Bowling Ball Reaction

If you are averaging 200 or less and in the market for a new bowling ball, then there are two factors to consider.
One factor is to select a ball designed to match with the lane conditions you encounter and the other factor is to choose a compatible drilling layout.
Once you have selected and drilled your new ball, the next thing to remember is altering your bowling ball reaction is a matter of changing the ball surface texture.
If you purchase a series of grit pads and keep them in your accessory bag along with ball cleaner and polish, you can actually change the texture to the surface of your bowling ball with the goal of either extending the skid distance or shortening the skid distance, depending on lane conditions.
By carrying grit pads in your bowling bag, you can refresh the ball surface to any desired texture upon completion of bowling.
First, clean the ball surface thoroughly using a towel and ball cleaner, then hand texture the surface using a desired grit of pad to end up with the texture you need to change the ball skid distance.
Seldom is the ball surface out-of-the-box when you drill a new ball matching just right with regards to skid distance and the lanes where you bowl. Usually a slight surface alteration to extend or diminish the skid distance is needed to end up with a ball which maximizes your chances are getting a reliable and consistent ball reaction and hitting the pocket with regularity.
Even if you are careful to select the right new ball with either a symmetric or asymmetric core design and careful to select a coverstock designed to give you the skid distance likely to match best with your local lane conditions, you still are faced with selecting a drilling layout.

Selecting a drilling layout should be done in concert with your pro shop professional. Once your new ball is drilled, expect to make slight surface alterations to tweak or fine tune your skid distance once you bowl with the new ball.
And in the event your new ball works perfectly, it will require a surface adjustment after perhaps ten to thirty games of bowling.
Keeping the proper bowling ball care tools in your bag and experimenting with altering the surface yourself between stops to the pro shop for resurfacing your equipment will help you maintain the type of ball reaction you need.
Experimentation is the real key. Invest in grit pads with varying texture capabilities so you can smooth the ball surface (using a high grit rating pad) to add skid distance on dry lanes after breakdown occurs or use a rougher (lower) grit pad to shorten the skid distance on heavy oil conditions.
Rely on your own abilities in altering your bowling ball reaction by acquiring the right tools to get the job done.
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