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When Is A Weak Bowling Ball Drilling Layout Useful?

When it comes time to decide on how to drill your new bowling ball, it is important to first determine how you wish to develop your existing arsenal of equipment.

Adding a weak drilling layout will certainly help you when facing certain lane conditions.

Any serious bowler who uses a few bowling balls in competition should consider using a weak layout to accompany a control layout and a strong layout.

If you were to use only three balls in your competition, you would want one of each layout to combat changing lane conditions.

Typically, a weak layout helps any style of bowler (full roller deliveries are limited in layouts and should follow manufacturer’s recommendations for drilling purposes).

When lane conditions are of the “wet/dry” variety where there is a tremendous build-up of lane oil in the center portions of the lanes and then an abrupt discontinuation of oil toward both edges of the lanes, a weak layout will neutralize a bowling ball over reaction.

“Wet/dry” lane conditions can cause your ball to hook too soon if you get the ball into the dry part of the lane too quickly. This same lane condition will cause your ball to skid too long if your ball stays in the heavy oil for too long of a distance.
Another case where a weak layout helps is when the lanes get burned up (the oil is used from for excessive linage) and your ball hooks a great deal.

A weak layout, in this case, tends to not hook excessively on the back end and helps you control the breakpoint reaction easier than will a stronger layout option.

High rev-rate players, moderate rev-rate players, and low rev-rate players can all benefit from using a weak drilling layout on these special lane conditions.

Although the majority of bowlers tend to choose a strong layout, it is important to also use a controllable arc motion layout and a weak layout to round out your arsenal.

If you have any questions in mind about weak layout options, consult your pro shop professionals and have them evaluate your present equipment before drilling your next bowling ball.

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