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Tips For Women With Slow Ball Speed

There are many ways that women with slow ball speed can develop their game to bowl well.  Focusing on accuracy, release control, playing the lanes properly, and smart use of bowling ball equipment are just a few.

It is important to note that your bowling ball does not know your gender, age, or anything about you other than what you do when releasing your ball.

If you are a woman bowler with slow ball speed, you likely have a low rev-rate.  The combination of slow ball speed and low rev-rate is common with female bowlers, senior bowlers, and non-physically strong bowlers.

If you are a woman bowler with slow ball speed, rely on your accuracy. Learn to align yourself to the pocket using the oil condition of the lane to help steer your ball to the pocket.

When there is plenty of oil on the lanes, slow speed is not a detriment to gaining a reliable ball reaction.

Once the lanes begin to breakdown, however, and your ball hooks too soon, then it is very important to not force your swing but rather adjust your positioning on the approach and your sighting spot on the lane.

Move toward the oil build up in the center portion of the lane to restore ample ball skid and so you can once again hit the pocket easily.

When the lane condition changes more and more and when your adjustments result in either seeing your ball skid too far or hook too soon, then it is important to use another adjustment technique.

Keep your hand behind the ball and avoid rotating the ball, or reduce finger rotation, so your ball stays on a straighter line path when traveling down the lane as opposed to when you make a full finger rotation and turn your fingers around the outside of the bowling ball.

Visualize your bowling fingertips coming up straight into the air when you deliver your ball and follow through. This technique reduces finger rotation and reduces hook.

Once you adjust your release and once you are still getting your ball to hook early because of your slow ball speed, it becomes time to switch bowling balls to one which has a shiny surface making it easy to skid in the front portion of the lane and one which has low track flare potential so the ball does not hook sharply on the back end of the lane.

Never force your swing and release. Rely on being well balanced and on making accurate shots.

Play the lanes using the oil pattern to give you in ball skid distance and back end reaction needed to line up effectively to the pocket.

Stay behind the ball and reduce finger rotation when the lanes begin to cause your ball to seek an early hook motion.

Finally, switch balls to one which will not react quickly as the lanes breakdown.

Women can be a very effective bowlers using slow ball speed if they use good technique and use equipment and play the lanes wisely.

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