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The Sport of Bowling is Growing 12/11/2017

Before I get into all that is going to be discussed, the sport of bowling as we all know has been on a decline in the last recent years. But with the PWBA returning, sponsorships are being attracted and adding to prize fund. Now, that the PBA is being sponsored by, things could definitely be on the rise.

Here in Las Vegas, there are several high schools who have seen an over 40 plus student turnout for tryouts for their high school bowling season, when an average of only 15 to 20 show up each year. That’s fantastic. At the collegiate level, all the great programs have the opportunity to compete for the NCAA National Bowling Championships, and be recognized at the highest levels of the sport, and at the highest level of power in the United States.

Now as we all know, the women’s bowling team at McKendree University, led by PWBA superstar Shannon O’ Keefe, just won the National Championship this year. Firstly, it is a lot of very hard work, late night practices and early morning tournaments to get to that stage, and to then win and ultimately dig deep to win is a true accomplishment. All the hard dedication the ladies put in paid off. But what happens when you get an invitation of the President, to go to the White House, meet the leader of the free world, to celebrate your accomplishment, and to have bowling being recognized on a global scale?

The invitation to the White House has nothing to do with political views, or whom is the President, or anything like that. To celebrate a National Championship in Washington D.C. where so many of the greatest historical events have taken place, is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ll be cherishing forever. Getting a tour of the White House, being allowed inside the Oval Office where all the great Presidents have sat with world leaders, signed important bills and documents, and to meet the President.

For bowling to be recognized on a global scale for the one day at the White House is huge. Even if it was for the short duration of time, any publicity the sport of bowling and growth this sport gets is gravy. I’ll use a bowling analogy here; if an opponent open frames and gives you an inch, you then take that inch and run a mile. That’s what the sport of bowling needs, is an inch of room to be seen, and be ran a mile, or 26.2 of them for that matter.

All the bowlers who attended the White House that day a couple weeks back, had nothing but praise to say about the experience they had, the thanks they gave to the President for being a gracious host, and the comments everyone received were all positive. Everyone putting their views on the side for a short period of time to have the achievement they accomplished, recognized.

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