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The International Bowling Museum And Hall Of Fame Kicks Off Annual Membership Program


The 2017 membership program is enhanced from 2016 to include more member benefits and value, including an annual Collector's Bowling Pin celebrating this year's current PBA/USBC and BPAA Hall of Fame Inductees. The five levels of membership offered by the IBMHF has made donating simple and more affordable to a broader range of people and organizations.

"Fundraising efforts like our Membership Program allows The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame to continue its endeavors to collect, preserve and showcase the rich history of our sport," said Lori Mraz, Membership Chairperson and IBMHF secretary. "We want to make the sport's history more accessible and continue to tell bowling's story."

The Sustaining Membership Program is broken down to Individual, Professional, Bronze, Gold and Platinum membership levels. Membership starts as low at $29 per year and may be tax deductible.

"Donations through the program help the IBMHF acquire and preserve collections that bring bowling to life," said Mraz. "Each piece tells a story and with your help, those stories will be told."
A major effort that IBMHF is focusing on is the Frame4Frame Project. Over 500,000 feet of film is waiting to be converted to digital format. The project is proving to be an expensive one that will take years to complete. "The undertaking is one of the largest since the Museum moved to Texas," said Tracy Ebarb, Business Development Director for IMBHF. "The conversion of the film to digital formal is going to cost approximately $130,000 because we have years and years of film."

Additionally, IBMHF invests considerable resources in updating its museums, which includes the National Bowling Stadium (NBS) Satellite location. The IBMHF satellite museum is open for public viewing during regular NBS hours.

For additional information on the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame and its Sustaining Membership Program, visit

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.