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Take Care Of Your Bowling Ball Surfaces

If you wish to get a consistent ball reaction, learn to take care of your bowling ball surfaces.

Keeping your equipment ready for use means you must clean and texture your bowling ball surface and have the surfaces of all your equipment prepared and ready for use next time you bowl.

Today, more than ever, modern bowling ball coverstocks require you to maintain a clean surface and texture the surface of each ball to the precise grit finish you wish. Give yourself the best chances at matching well with the lane conditions by maintaining your ball surfaces.

There exists a tremendous amount of interest by top tier players which drilling layout will best serve their needs on specific lane conditions.

With so much interest by talented players in layouts and in ball symmetry, there can be a void in interest in preparing the ball surfaces to work in tandem with the layouts and core designs chosen for use in competition.

Let’s face facts; once you select a new ball and then choose a layout and have the ball drilled, the ball maintenance and your performance on the lanes essentially lies in your hands.

A part of maintenance is to prepare the texture of each ball surface you use in normal competition so you give yourself the best chances at controlling ball skid distance and the back end motion you seek.

Once your bowling balls are drilled, it is up to you to continually clean and texture the surfaces of your equipment after use so you can rely on a given ball reaction.

New, high-technology bowling balls are expensive. The science geeks are ever-analyzing the ball motion mathematics when opting for given layouts.

But what happens after the ball is drilled is totally in the control of the individual player to not only maintain the ball surfaces but to keep their games sharp and play the lanes properly.

The bowling ball is an important and integral part of bowling. The ball you choose for a given lane condition requires your attention so the surface is prepared for use each time you step onto the lanes.

Not too many bowlers have “bowling ball valets” to handle their equipment, clean the ball surfaces, texture each ball precisely to match with lane conditions you encounter frequently, and present your equipment as ready for use when you are ready to bowl.

The responsibility to be prepared lies with you. Take care of your bowling ball surfaces and give yourself a fair chance at reaching your bowling goals.

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