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How to Prevent A Bowling Ball From Cracking 10/2/2017

Every bowling ball has it’s day where it’s going to bite the dust. Whether it’s too old, you don’t want it anymore, or  it doesn’t work for your game. There will probably a time when you find a bowling ball in your bag and it hascracked. That’s when a bowling ball truly gets it’s R.I.P. status. But a really great friend of mine recently gave me some insight as to why a bowling ball cracks, and as always what better place to showcase great knowledge and inform the bowlers on the website where all bowlers go,

Now I have only had one bowling ball ever crack on me in my entire ten or so years in the sport of bowling. But two of my best friends have had over 10 or so bowling balls crack for each of them. I wanted to further educate myself and also to better educate bowlers here who may be unfamiliar with this topic. Right after my first bowling ball cracked, roughly six or so weeks ago, I went to each of these friends individually to get their thoughts on this topic. Basically I hit the streets to get the scoop

For my first friend, he constantly has a bowling ball crack on him. They are all hand me down, single drills most of the time. Very rarely a NIB (new in box). So single drills from time to time, after a fill and redrill can sometimes cause the ball to crack. Plus everyone knows that Las Vegas gets really, really hot during the summer, and OF COURSE he used to leave his bowling balls in the garage or the car! Here in Vegas, when it’s 110 degrees outside every day, that is like being sent to the electric chair and not getting that last meal; quite the deadly combination.

My second friend, who works in a pro shop here in Las Vegas, recently gave me some more in depth analysis as to why bowling balls crack. He is one who doesn’t leave his bowling balls in the garage, and takes care of them in a temperature controlled room, cleaning them and taking all the precautions. Now, on his part he has done all the right things to take care of his bowling products as all bowlers should, but his stuff still cracks. Why? Why is the most obvious question and is normally the question I’m always asking.

His answer is really in depth. He says that sometimes the ball companies (Storm, Hammer, you name it) may have a multicolor ball. It could depend on the swirl of the color and how they are poured by the manufacturer. Another reason being is with your grips getting older.  The grips will start to become unglued and will expose the drilling to anything that will make it crack. Now, you wonder when your bowling ball cracks, if you unfortunately have that happen, this could possibly be a big reason. This is why pro shop operators, USBC coaches andmany bowlers who have knowledge to the game, will ALWAYS recommend you get new grips for your bowling ball roughly around every 60 games. Also oil extractions won’t cause a ball to crack. hey make your ball come back to life. That’s also recommended every 60 games.

Wherever you live, be familiar with your environment temperature wise. Too cold, ball could crack. Too hot, ball could crack. Try to maintain a constant room temperature and you should have less of an issue with bowling balls cracking.

So next time a bowling ball of yours cracks, or should someone ask me this question, I will give him/her my analysis I have learned, and also to tell them to check out this article right here at, it’s where bowlers go.

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