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Bowling Final Frame

By:, 8/15/17

Is your bowling final frame the 10th, 11th, or 12th frame?

Finishing your game in an effective manner means filling the 10th frame.

If you get a spare in the 10th frame, you must deliver one more shot in the 11th frame to complete your game.

If you strike in the 10th frame, you get two additional shots.

If you strike, your first additional shot is in the 11th frame. If you strike, you get to roll one more shot in the 12th frame.

If you do not strike in the 11th frame, you get to shoot at any pins left standing in the 11th frame and then your game is complete.

But you already know this. Why is this of any particular importance other than for a beginner bowler?

The answer is that you must make your final shot with full concentration and commitment.

If you were to have one more ball to deliver in your life, would you toss it in the channel or would you try to get a strike and go out on a positive, high note?

The point is to always deliver your bowling ball with the same commitment as if it were your very last.

Never give up, never give in, and never stop reaching for your full potential.

Give it your all; give it everything you have and then you will never regret not trying your very best.

Not a bad way to live your life and certainly not a bad way to bowl or to end your bowling career.

Devote your full attention and make one good shot at a time.

Deliver your final shot in your bowling final frame by making your best effort to succeed.