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2015 USBC Open Championships - Bowling Balls

It is important to bring a smart assortment of bowling ball equipment to the Open Championship. Let’s examine a few ideas for the 2015 USBC Open Championship - Bowling Balls.

If you have a chance to first view the wonderful video posted on the USBC site relating to the Open Championship addressing lane conditions, you will get recommendations on playing the lanes from PBA Champion and former Team USA member, Chris Barnes.

Chris carefully explains what angles of attack bowlers in these events will likely face during these events.

This video can be viewed multiple times so you gain access to some useful information from USBC Managing Director, Neil Stremmel, and from Chris Barnes.

Pay particular attention to preparing your bowling ball equipment for allowing you to play various angles on the lanes.

If you were to bring four bowling balls to the event, as example, and if one of these bowling balls can double as a spare ball, you will want balls which offer a variety of ball reactions so you are prepared to play multiple angles on the lanes as needed.

Make sure you have at least one ball with low track flare so your ball does not hook uncontrollably when playing an outside angle or in the ball track area.

On the flip side, you may wish to bring a ball with a strong back end ball reaction in the event you play an angle which requires you ball turning the corner and getting back to the pocket.

If you have one ball with an aggressive coverstock such as a matte finish, solid reactive and if you also have one ball with a shiny reactive coverstock, you might also want to add a pearl coverstock for spares or for when the late squads cause the lane conditions to breakdown.

It is difficult to share precisely which bowling balls ultimately will fit your game best on the USBC Tournament lanes, but if you view the video recommended, you will surely get a good idea of what conditions you will face in this year’s events.

You may wish to discuss equipment preparations with your coach or instructor and, of course, with your pro shop professional. Make certain your equipment meets weight and balance specifications because your equipment will be weighed prior to your taking to the lanes.

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