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2-Handed Bowling: Is It A Fad Or The Future?

Now that the PBA just crowned its second 2-Handed champion, there is much debate in the bowling world about this controversial style of bowling. Jason Belmonte and Osku Palermaa have opened the world's eyes to another realm of what can be done with a bowling ball. Extreme power, untapped revolutions and mega area.
But, is 2-Handed bowling just a fad? Is 2-Handed bowling this decade's no thumb release, soon to fade into the oblivion? Don't hold your breath.
I personally don't believe 2-Handed bowling is a fad. I believe it's a different style just like bowling one handed, with or without a thumb. However, I do believe it will have much more longevity than the no thumb release. Let me explain...

Unlike no-thumb bowling, 2-handers have their 2nd hand to act as their "thumb." Bowlers that use 3 fingers use their thumb as the balance for the bowling ball during the swing. No-thumb bowlers don't have this option and are generally inaccurate due to no lateral support. They have problems consistently matching the amount of tilt and revolutions on each shot. However, 2-handed bowlers have the lateral support of a 3-fingered bowler along with the rev rate of a no-thumber.

There is one trait of 2-handed bowling that gives this style a massive advantage on other styles. When someone is learning to bowl, what is the thing they have the most problem with? Getting the thumb hole feel and release right. Whether it's too big or if they can't get the thumb to release properly, it's a problem for everyone even up to the highest level. 2-handers will never have this problem. They will never squeeze, hang up or drop the ball due to the thumb. This is an extreme advantage.

Do I believe this style will overtake one handed bowling? No. Do I think it will be around for a long time. Yes. 2-Handed bowling isn't for everyone. You have to be very athletic and have great flexibility. Belmo, Osku, Cassidy Schaub and Brian Valenta are extremely athletic and repeat shots extremely well. They are very, very accurate and are the best of the best that 2-handed bowling has to offer. (Not to mention, Osku's backup ball is almost as good as his normal shot).

There will always be conditions where 2-handers will dominate, but others where they will struggle due to their rev rate. One handed bowling will always be the most widely used form, but 2-handed bowling will continue to grow. Those that can do it successfully have quite an advantage in certain aspects of the game.

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