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What To Expect At 2017 Bowl Expo From The Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader And Super Session Speaker


Keynote Speaker Shaquille O'Neal - What it Takes to be a Champion

Few individuals ever become iconic enough to be known by one name - Shaq. A revered cultural icon, Shaquille O’Neal is best known for an NBA career spanning nearly two decades and earning him the sport’s highest honors, including membership in the NBA Hall of Fame. The four-time NBA Champion, 15-time NBA All Star and three-time NBA Finals MVP has been named one of the most influential athletes by Forbes magazine, in addition to being the highest ranked NBA athlete on Nielsen’s State of the Media: Year in Sports 2010 and Business Week’s Power Sports 100.

But Shaquille O’Neal isn’t only a legendary athlete; he has also established himself as a powerful media personality and businessman over the years. Ranked among ‘‘The 100 Most Creative People in Business’’ last year by Fast Company magazine, O’Neal is currently an NBA analyst on TNT’s Emmy-award winning show, Inside the NBA on TNT.

In addition to being an early investor in companies such as Google, O’Neal has managed an increasingly robust personal brand, which has included television shows, a shoe line and social media/tech products. The first verified celebrity account on Twitter, O’Neal announced his NBA retirement via Tout, a new social media app that allows users to tape 15-second video statuses.

Peter Shankman Thought Leader - The Economy of the Next Fifty Years Will be Run by Customer Service

The days of begging for likes are over. The customer economy is all about doing likeable things. As the network gets smarter and smarter, it'll know your favorite places before you do, and share those with the world – when the world is looking.

So if your friends are looking for a doctor in New York City, and you live there, it'll show them who you use automatically because logic suggests that, if you go there a lot, you like the place, and your friends usually like what you like. It’s not private if you’re already posting from there, remember. What does this mean for your business? It means it's time to start focusing on the customer experience. Without that, no amount of advertising, marketing or SEO will save you.

Learn: The five rules of the customer economy. Why speed matters. How to stay "top-of-mind" in every customer's mind, from beginning to end. How millennials, as well as Generations Z and Alpha are consuming content, and how you can get in front of them.

Mari Smith Super Session Speaker - 7 Step Formula for Facebook Marketing Success

Bowling remains one of the top recreational sports in the US and beyond, and is a wonderful high-touch community activity. But, with the pervasion of high tech, how do you reach and connect with a wider audience online and attract them to your bowling center? Whether you’re just getting started with your Facebook and social media marketing, or you want to optimize your presence to meet specific goals, this deep dive with premier Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith, is for you. Mari will reveal her step-by-step proven methodology for social media marketing success, and help you understand how to effectively generate quality leads through Facebook and other social channels.

At the end of this comprehensive session, you'll walk away with a ready-to-implement Facebook Marketing Strategic Action Plan that will empower you to take your social marketing to the next level. The result: more loyal fans, more customers, and more profits!

Key takeaways include: Mari’s exact proven process for reaching, engaging and converting your perfect prospects into raving fans and ideal customers. How to make your phone ring off the hook with Local Awareness Ads and specific call to action buttons.

Installing the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon at your bowling center – what is it and how does it work (both organic and paid) to bring you the perfect new local customers?

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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