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Wait On Your Bowling Swing

One common thread all talented, highly skilled players have is the ability to wait on their bowling swings and execute deliveries consistently.

Here are some techniques to practice that will help you wait on your swing and make good deliveries:

1. Make sure you get the ball into your swing early enough so you do not have to hurry the delivery from the top of your back swing to the moment of release.

2. Make a complete back swing allowing your bowling ball to reach its maximum height at the top of the back swing.

3. Avoid grabbing the bowling ball at the top of your back swing and pulling it into the forward swing. Allow the force of gravity to drop your ball from the top of the swing into the forward swing with little or no physical effort.

4. Once your ball begins moving down into the forward swing, accelerate your forward swing consistently each delivery so you can regulate your ball speed.

5. Remain in a stable and fixed body position while walking and sliding into the line. Make no sudden movements to interrupt good balance during your approach. Exercise patience with your forward swing and delivery.

The tendency to hurry a delivery is a by-product of pressure. Keep your eyes focused on your target and commit to your target. Do not hurry your footwork or your swing process. Success relies on good swing discipline and awareness.

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