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Using Tape For A Better Grip, Originally Posted: 1/9/2012; Updated: 5/17/2024

Did you know that tape can be a life saver? In a second, you can change the fit and feel of your thumb to accommodate the changes your body makes through the course of a league, practice, or tournament session. A properly fit ball is necessary for a loose and free arm swing. It is imperative that you get a comfortably snug fit in your thumb hole. Here are some tips to help you get that custom fit.
Tape is made in a variety of sizes and mainly two colors. Generally, white tape is best used in the front or pad side of the thumb. The white tape is textured to provide you with a gripping surface in the thumb hole. Black tape, which is smooth, is typically used in the back or knuckle side of the hole to ensure a smooth release.
When inserting tape, line the tape up so that it will conform to your thumb. It will most likely lie at a 45 degree angle in the hole. When putting tape in the back of the hole, you want to position it opposite of any front side tape (Figure 1). Also make sure the tape is down about 1/4 inch from the top. If more than one piece is necessary, you want to stagger them down into the hole (Figure 2), so that removing one piece will be easy. If your tape is installed incorrectly, it can possibly cause discomfort, blistering, or callusing.

Remember to change your tape on a regular basis to provide a consistent grip and to avoid leaving a sticky residue in the hole.
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