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GOLDEN MOMENTS: Team USA Wins Four of Six Gold Medals

It’s no secret the primary mission for Team USA at the 2011 WTBA World Women’s Championships in Hong Kong was the gold medal in team. But as Shannon Pluhowsky pointed out, a strong lead-up to the team event can help.

“Obviously, the more success you have during the week, the more success you’re likely to have as a team,” she pointed out. “The team gold was the most important thing, but we had a goal during the week of winning as many medals as we could.”

The goal-oriented Pluhowsky certainly did her part, medaling in five of the six divisions. Ironically, the American squad opened the proceedings at Hong Kong Bowling City on a less-than-impressive note. Only one member of Team USA, Shannon O’Keefe (eighth), finished in the top 24 in singles, which featured 171 bowlers.

Permission granted by USBC/Luby Publishing