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Understanding The Turbo Switch Grip System



For serious bowlers who have an arsenal of bowling balls, the Turbo Switch Grip System is basically a "must-have". Switch Grip allows you to interchange the same thumb hole from ball to ball as well as having different sized thumb inserts for swelling/shrinking. If you're picky about your thumb hole, never worry about having to fine tune it after drilling a new ball if you have Switch Grip. The video below will explain all of the different parts of the Switch Grip System.


Switch Grip Outer Sleeve: This piece is glued in to the ball and includes a locking mechanism on the bottom. This allows the inner sleeve to lock in but also be easily twisted in and out.


Switch Grip Inner Sleeve: This is your actual thumb slug. The inner sleeve is drilled out to your desired thumb size, just like a normal thumb slug. The difference being that there is a locking mechanism on the bottom that matches with the mechanism on the bottom of the outer sleeve.

Switch Grip Blank Inner Sleeve: The same mechanism as the regular inner sleeve but the blank inner allows you to glue in a pre-drilled thumb sleeve or a thumb mold.

Switch-A-Roo: At times, the inner sleeve can be difficult to twist in an out. This is due to the density of cores and/or temperature/humidity changes, the outer sleeve can be compressed a bit, which will make turning the inner sleeve difficult. The Switch-A-Roo makes twisting the inner very easy. You're able to get more leverage and easily remove your inner sleeve.

The Jack: There are times when your inner sleeve will turn, but you can't pull it out of the hole. Well, the Jack goes down in to the hole, grabs the bottom of the inner sleeve and allows you to easily pull it out.

The Switch Grip system is truly an amazing product and should be seriously considered by all serious bowlers. If you have any questions, please comment below or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

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