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True Amateur Tournaments Expands Nationally


We are very excited to announce that we are starting True Amateur Regional events that will be rolling out across the U.S. over the next couple years. These Regionals are 1 or 2 day events that will run several times a year in different regions all across the United States. The first TAT Regional took place in Portland, Oregon, on April 23rd, 2017.

True Amateur Tournaments will also be hosting a new event in Dubuque, Iowa, named The Mid-West Amateur Championships on May 19th-21st! This 3-day Mini TAT is the exact same Pattern, Format, and Finals as our Las Vegas TAT Nationals Event. First Place is $5,000 guaranteed and goes up with entries. Each of the 5 Division Champions (3 Scratch, 2 Handicap) will earn a spot in the Championship match with 1 in 6 entries making the cut. Hotel rooms are limited in Dubuque and hotel information is available on our website and brochure.

Our Las Vegas TAT Amateur Classic Deadline is coming up at the end of the month so get your entry in now to get a FREE VIP Squad, discounts on VIP Squads, and a TAT Logo Hat or Towel. The 2017 TAT Amateur Classic is estimated to payout $300,000 in Cash & Prizes during the 4th of July week and the New Progressive Pot is estimated to be at $10,000 by the end of the tournament. We will be very busy with Nationals in town so avoid the line and enter now.

We got our best room rates ever at The Orleans ONLY $40 Sunday-Thursday including July 4th and only $80 on the weekends. These room rates are only good until May 15th or when full so get online and check the availability.

As always Team Storm will be on hand in Las Vegas to help you with your game and even layout your new Storm ball for you. TAT Bowlers can receive The Code Black with their tournament entry package for $95 or less.

The TAT is the fairest tournament in the world because there is never a favorite to win the TAT Title. Our strict eligibility and format makes it so everyone has an equal shot at winning the TAT. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 170 or 230 average bowler, you have an equal shot at winning the TAT which has been proven again and again over the last few years.

Most of the TAT Vegas staff will also be headed to Dubuque, Iowa May 19th-21st for the 1st Annual Mid-West Amateur Championships. Finally, we will all head to Las Vegas for The 2017 TAT Amateur Classic July 2nd-9th, 2017, estimated payout $300,000 in Cash & Prizes!

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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