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Track and Columbia 300 with Hot New Products


​ I hope everybody is having a great second half to their league seasons. We once again come back to that favorite time of the year, where taxes are being filed. Just kidding! No, we’re talking about new releases from Track and Columbia 300. If you saw the title, you know that these releases are going to be hot. We’re going to bring the heat, and things are about to get lit.

Track continues the very popular Heat series in their mid-performance line with the Ultra Heat. Featuring the Modified Tri-Core weight block wrapped with the DR-6 Hybrid coverstock, this ball is ideally perfect for medium oil patterns, which is awesome for your league night house shots. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, the Ultra Heat is designed to be clean through the fronts and the mid-lane,

giving you a strong backend reaction. Again, the perfect ball for those typical house shots. I’ve seen this ball thrown around in the leagues I bowl in and needless to say it looks good. Las Vegas league bowlers know how to bring the heat, now it’s your turn. This ball is going to be great for both one and two-handed bowlers, who can find the Ultra Heat to be very versatile on a variety of patterns. Needless to say, Track brought the Heat. Ultra Heat. Available everywhere today.

Columbia 300 is continuing the trendy slang words of their high performance line by introducing the Lit Pearl, the sequel to the original Lit introduced back in September 2017. Bringing back the Lit Asymmetric core, this ball features the Reflex XS Pearl coverstock. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, the new Lit Pearl will go longer than the original Lit, and give you that extra few feet of length you need when the Lit is hooking way too much and you still need that angularity on the backend. Then look no further than the Lit Pearl.

This ball releases on February 27th, and bowlers all over the country and Columbia 300 fans alike are going to keep up with the times and get lit. Lighting up the frames with strikes and maybe that occasional spare or two will ensure high games andhigh series.I hope today I brought the heat and brought back the millennial slang term of “lit” back to the number one bowling online retailer in the country, It’s where bowlers go.