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Tips for Seniors

When I was asked to write some bowling tips pertaining to seniors, I asked what seniors meant? " Well, you know... bowlers fifty and over." I'm sixty-one and the only time I think of myself as a senior is when I'm getting a discount on something!
Now... my mother is a senior! She's eighty-seven, bowls in three leagues a week and has an average around 130. Her main concession to her age is having to drop down a pound in ball weight.
As we grow older and wish to continue bowling, we sometimes have to make adjustments for physical reasons. Ball weight is often the first step most people take. One should use the heaviest ball that feels comfortable. Giving up too much weight can result in less pin action and more deflection.
Some bowlers find that adding another finger hole, either for the index or pinkie finger, gives more control with the grip. This might even allow one to maintain the ball weight currently in use.
With new balls coming out all the time, different cover stocks and cores, we can sometimes compensate for loss of weight and still deliver the ball with optimum rotation.
Keep in mind that we are all different and that there are many ways to continue bowling. If you have a good pro shop in your area, don't hesitate asking for some help. We want to keep you knocking down the pins!
Ellie Lackey