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Tips For Returning to Bowling After A Long Layoff

If you are looking for tips for returning to the game after a long layoff, then rest assured there are some things you can do to help you find your game and step into the modern day bowling.

Here are a few tips to consider before starting back in the game following a long layoff:

1. If you intend to begin by using your old bowling ball equipment, take the ball to a local pro shop and have the gripping holes checked to make sure your hand has not changed so much the old ball simply no longer fits properly.

2. Have the old ball surface resurfaced and restore its original surface texture so you get a dependable ball reaction.

3. If after meeting with a pro shop professional, you decide to purchase a new ball, you may wish to consult with an experienced bowling instructor and have your game looked at through expert eyes.

4. After long layoffs from the game, any bowler will lose release control and consistency and must bowl many games to recover the feel and touch to repeat good deliveries. Your instructor can help you revive a good release technique and help you cut down the waiting time trying to figure things out yourself and under no supervision.

The two most important keys when returning to the game after a long absence are to consult both a pro shop professional for your equipment needs and a coach to help you restore, or improve, your physical game techniques.

Trying to do everything yourself can waste time reaching your objective.

Expect to invest a little time and money preparing for your comeback. You will find that things are constantly changing in the world and in bowling as well.

Lane surfaces have changed through the years. The oil lubricants used to condition lanes have changed.

The biggest change is the bowling balls. Technology has presented all bowlers an enormous amount of tools to choose from with the goal of obtaining a good ball reaction and helping you improve your scores.

Join the new wave of bowlers and update your game and equipment so you feel competitive and can jump back into the familiar arena of competitive bowling.