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Tips For First Time Bowlers At USBC Open Championship Tournament – Part One

Here are some tips for first time bowlers at 2011 USBC Open Championship Tournament, Part 1. This first in a three part series of articles will provide information about the Open Tournament which might be useful to know if you are planning your first appearance to bowl at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada. So you get some idea what to expect in the way of services or amenities, wishes to offer a few tips for first time bowlers at 2011 USBC Open Championship Tournament, Part 1.
The Open Tournament will begin on February 19 and end on July 2, 2011 and is hosted at the magnificent National Bowling Stadium located on Center Street near the heart of Reno, NV. Simply call toll free (800) 304-2695 if you wish to obtain information about the Stadium and its facilities or to contact Lane 81 Pro Shop.

Within walking distance a mere block or two away are numerous hotels which offer lodging accommodations including lodging, gaming, dining, lounge entertainment, and more while making it very easy to get to and back from the Stadium during your stay in Reno. The Reno airport is located only ten minutes drive from the Stadium so taxi fare is reasonable if you choose not to rent transportation while in the area. If you are driving to and from the Stadium each day, you can park quite easily in the covered parking garage adjacent to the Stadium. Simply validate your parking ticket while inside the Stadium before returning to your vehicle.
The National Bowling Stadium itself is a 363,000 square foot area featuring 78 Championship Lanes with an eighty foot aluminum geodesic dome. The Stadium is operated by the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority and is complete with state of the art scoring graphics across the expanse of 440 feet over the lanes. Stadium seating is available for spectators interested in watching their favorite bowlers competing on every squad or for getting a good view of bowlers on the lanes in a preceding squad and how these bowlers are aligning themselves in actual competition.
The Open Championship Tournament allows contestants to use as many bowling balls as they wish. Locker rental space is available on the concourse area at a minimal expense on a daily basis with two locker sizes to choose from. The small locker will fit a two ball roller bag and the large locker fits a 4 ball roller bag plus two additional balls, a total of six bowling balls to store while you are on the lanes.
Prior to each squad, contestants are asked to assemble in the squad room behind the lanes for bowling ball weigh-in and general check-in procedures. You can weigh as many bowling balls as you intend to take to the lanes. Remember, you will be assembled in a seating order based upon your lane assignments and you will be marched out down the center aisle from behind the pinsetters and will break off on the approach at the foul line area, either left or right, and will continue to march along the foul line area until you reach your starting lanes. Take only the number of bowling balls you choose to comfortably carry or roll out in your bowling bags down the center aisle and across the approaches to your lane assignment.
Once you are at your starting pair of lanes, you will be given warm-up deliveries prior to the start of competition. In the team event, you will be given ten minutes of warm-up deliveries shared with teammates. During Doubles and Single squads, you will be given two warm-up deliveries on each lane on your pair prior to the Doubles squad and no deliveries when you move pairs to compete in the Singles competition.
General information is posted at the Tournament administration area on the bowling concourse. Squad times and lane condition information is available at the administration area complete with a graph of the lane oiling procedure chosen for use during Tournament competition. Additionally, the USBC posts the lane pattern on its website just a few days prior to opening day of competition. When that information becomes available to the public, we will discuss the pattern with some strategies for bowling ball preparations in another Part of this series of articles at pertaining to the 2011 Open Championship.
Pro Shop services available by Lane 81 Pro Shop in the concourse area offer a wide variety of products and services to virtually fulfill any equipment need while you are in town. Each manufacturer such as Storm bowling products, Brunswick, Lane #1, Roto Grip, and others also operate pro shop booths on the concourse area at the Stadium. You can speak directly to manufacturers representatives about the given manufacturers products, services, or about your personal equipment needs. You will never find a greater assembly of pro shops with every useful item available in one location other than at the Open Championship Tournament.
If you have the want or need to receive a lesson and work on your game, the Lane 81 CATS (Computer Animated Tracking System) services are available by appointment where you can have your game analyzed by a high level USBC Certified coach on a sophisticated system video and receive a DVD recording your session on the lane complete with relevant information to practice with in the future.

The experience of the 2011 USBC Open Championship Tournament will undoubtedly be one to remember regardless of how you perform if you have never competed at the National Bowling Stadium. Please watch for Part 2 of this article series with more information about the Tournament.
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