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Thursday Night Men's League, Week 3

Our team 2-n-1 bowls our third week tonight. So far we have won 8 out of a possible 14 points putting us in 10th place overall. We are only 4 points out of first place.

Our league does something strange. We bowl 9 week quarters, which makes it very hard to move up in rankings. It's nice because if gives you more chances to get a first place spot, but 9 weeks goes by very quickly. On top of that there are 2 position rounds each quarter, so next week is already going to be one.

Sometimes it feels that if the team has one bad week, then it is almost impossible to recover from. I would have been all in favor of going back to halves, or at least 12 week trimesters. But I guess if that is what I wanted then I should have attended the meeting... ;)

Leagues are a great way to bowl on a regular basis, interact with other people, and get a little (ok, a tiny bit) exercise. If you are not part of one, you should definitely look into it. There are plenty of "Just for fun" type of leagues that requires very little money each week. This will help you get your feet wet in league play.