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The All New Columbia 300 Cool Noize - Coming Soon

Columbia 300 has extended the Noize line into a Cool new beginning with the all new Cool Noize. This ball is going to be very strong in the mid lane. For those of you out there that love Columbia 300 products, this ball will blow you away.

The Cool NoiZe is positioned between The NoiZe and the Loud NoiZe in terms of total hook. This ball should give any bowler an eye-popping reaction on medium lane conditions. This ball, which features our TI Boss II core design, is surrounded by our 300 Reactive Pearl shell, making this ball as ‘Cool’ as they come.

Color - Blue/Red/Silver
Reaction - Strong Mid-Lane
Veneer - 300 Reactive Pearl
Surface - 2000 Abralon®
Core - TI Boss II
Weights - 12-16 lbs.