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The 10 Drill For Bowling Practice

If you are a new bowler wishing to improve your game, learn the “10 Drill” for effective practice. It helps to practice fundamental components of a good bowling approach. Developing good physical game fundamentals is the right way to work on your game.
Use a simple progression of the keys to a good approach and then make 10 deliveries working on each key. If you're not sure how to begin, we recommended you consult a certified coach or professional instructor to help you develop good bowling fundamentals.
Here are some components you can focus on while making 10 deliveries thinking only about each key and not about pin fall results:
1. For 10 deliveries, work on maintaining an athletic posture during your approach beginning with your set-up position through the completion of your approach. Avoid any unnecessary head movement during the approach and particularly during the release of the bowling ball. Keeping your head steady at all times will help you reduce the amount of upper body movement while you walk to the line and deliver the bowling ball.
2. For the next 10 deliveries, focus on a consistent pace of footsteps. Avoid accelerating your steps excessively and allow sufficient time for your arm-swing to match the pace of your steps. Count silently allowing about one second on each step until you release the ball. The final two steps of your approach are the most critical and should not be hurried. Strive for a consistent pace of steps each and every delivery so you can rely on the same amount of time for your arm swing.
3. During the next 10 deliveries, begin your arm-swing toward your target slightly before beginning the first step of a four-step approach and do not rush the process. Allow the downswing to begin in a shaped motion outward and downward to begin your swing motion.
Shaping the beginning of the swing allows for a free flowing swing of your bowling ball to the top of the back swing in one uninterrupted motion. As you begin the forward swing, allow the ball to swing freely and without arm control until the ball reaches the release zone. Continue your swing to a full and complete follow-through position.
Maintain a consistent tempo on the back swing and forward swing each delivery so your bowling hand has a consistent amount of time to deliver your bowling ball and to regulate ball speed from shot to shot.

4. For the next 10 deliveries, practice swinging your bowling ball along an intended swing path to your sighting target on the lane. If you follow-through in the same direction as your intended swing path with your bowling elbow and hand staying behind the bowling ball, your delivery should guide your ball toward your sighted target down the lane. Your eyes should be focused with laser-like precision on your sighting target down the lane.
5. For 10 deliveries, hold your form at the foul line. Remain still after delivering your bowling ball until your ball passes your target. It takes only about 2.5 seconds for your bowling ball to travel down the lane and impact the pins and only about 1 second or less to reach the targeting arrows. Holding your form and follow-through position and maintaining good balance for that split second during and after the critical release of the ball is vital to achieving good results.
If you pay for three games of practice bowling, you can easily fit these 10 delivery keys into your practice session. Discipline during practice and working on these keys will improve your game.