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Teens spared by a bowling ball in freeway shooting; gunman splits

I just read an interesting article on about how a bowling ball may have saved a teens life in a highway shooting.

As quoted from "Teens spared by a bowling ball in freeway shooting; gunman splits" on

A bowling ball likely spared some Detroit teens from being shot in a freeway run-in.

The ball, which one of the teens held on his lap, stopped a bullet fired from an SUV on eastbound I-94 near Allard.

Woods Deputy Police Chief Jim Burke said he didn't know Thursday why
the 15-year-old had the ball, but said it prevented a bullet fired by a
man driving a newer-model royal blue Saturn Vue from striking the teens
about 9 p.m. Monday.

He said five males, riding in a red Ford
Fusion, approached I-94 from Cadieux. As they merged, the SUV
approached from behind. When the Fusion changed lanes, the SUV pulled
up on the right, and its driver pointed a handgun and fired a shot.

bullet went through the rear passenger door and hit the ball, which was
in a bag, Burke said. He said a teen in the backseat was struck by a
piece of plastic from inside the car. The SUV exited at Vernier, Burke

The suspects were described as white males, 25-35 years
old. The driver had short brown curly hair with a large bald spot, a
goatee and mustache. Anyone with information is asked to call police at