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Sue Your Bowling Ball

If you are losing the favorable ball reaction you have grown accustomed to enjoying, then sue your bowling ball. Go ahead, sue your bowling ball.

As ridiculous of a notion this is, your bowling ball will lose its reactivity after perhaps 20-40 games and is a common occurrence so don’t get mad at your bowling ball, get busy instead with periodic surface maintenance.

It is your responsibility to maintain the surfaces of your bowling balls if you expect a good ball reaction.
Modern high technology bowling balls require routine surface maintenance, it is that simple.
Here is what you should expect to do regarding maintenance of your bowling ball equipment:
First, clean the ball surface thoroughly using a towel and ball cleaner.

Hand texture the ball surface using a desired grit of pad to end up with the texture you need to change the ball skid distance to best match to your local lane conditions based upon your delivery technique.

If you purchase a series of grit pads and keep them in your accessory bag along with ball cleaner and polish, you can alter the texture to the surface of your bowling ball(s) by either extending the skid distance or shortening the skid distance, depending on lane conditions.

By carrying grit pads in your bowling bag, you can refresh the ball surface to any desired texture upon completion of bowling.
Seldom is the ball surface out-of-the-box when you drill a new ball a perfect match with the lane conditions. You must expect to alter the surface routinely to maintain the ball reaction you seek.

Experimentation is the real key. Invest in grit pads with varying texture capabilities so you can smooth the ball surface (using a high grit rating pad) to add skid distance on dry lanes after breakdown occurs or use a rougher (lower) grit pad to shorten the skid distance on heavy oil conditions.

If you cannot get to the pro shop to maintain your bowling ball surfaces as often as needed, then rely on your own abilities to alter your bowling ball reaction by acquiring the right tools to get the job done.

If your ball begins to lose its reaction, don’t sue your bowling ball, make an effort to restore reactivity by owning and using the proper surface maintenance tools.