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Storm is Intensely Firing Your Summer Up 6/18/2018

Being located in Las Vegas, the bowling mecca capital of the world, I love one thing, BOWLING! One thing I absolutely hate, the 110 degree weather that has our air conditioning bills through the roof, and we love going to the pool to stay cool. That’s a rhyme. Storm however has two new bowling balls releasing just in time for Bowl Expo, get ready to Match Up your game, and ready to deliver the flames and fire. You’ll get what I am saying in just a moment.

Las Vegas hosting the Bowl Expo at the Paris hotel on the Las Vegas Strip this year is a great sight. It’s going to be hot outside, and hot on the lanes too, with Storm introducing the brand new Intense Fire, the second ball in the Intense series and their newest installment to the Premier line. Featuring the RAD-E weight block wrapped in the R3S Hybrid coverstock, the new Intense Fire is going to be clean through the front, smooth through the mid-lane, have delayed angularity on the backend that will for sure be kicking tons of late hits on the 10s and 7s depending on which hand you throw with. The delayed angularity will come from the R3S Hybrid cover, with the Intense Fire it will blend out the lane more than the original Intense. It gives you that extra couple feet of length with that same backend continuation you saw from the original. Storm once again finding ways to make the bowler extremely happy, and continuing to prove why they are The Bowler’s Company.

They also are continuing with the trend of the Match Up series in their Hot line, the Match Up Black Pearl. Already the name has me excited. Coming back with the Stinger 2.0 weight block along with the Reactor Pearl cover, the Match Up Black Pearl is the first ball in this series to have a full sanded finish. Finished at 2000 Grit Abralon, this new gem is going to be clean through the fronts, and blend out the lane with it’s matte finish. This ball I think is calling my name. The Black Pearl is going to be a great ball for one-handed bowlers when the lanes fry, and for two-handed bowlers like me who lean towards the weaker symmetrical bowling balls.t’s a match made in heaven.

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