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Storm is Having a Great October 10/19/2017

Hey Storm Nation, readers, bowlers and bowling alumni! For over 30 years, Storm has been in the great sport of bowling and 2017, I believe, has been one of the best years they have had in their existence. From the Timeless in the new Signature Series, to the re-release of the iconic Marvel Pearl, and they’re now announcing two new bowling balls.

The two new bowling balls Storm announced and that will be making their way to pro shop shelves in the end of October are going to truly match up and intensify your game when you hit the lanes.

Introducing the Intense. Wrapped in the R3S Pearl Reactive cover and the NEW RAD-E core, kicking it up a notch from the RAD technology from the Lock series and intensifying the limits. Finished at 1500-Grit Polished finish, expect the new Intense from Storm to give you an angular backend motion, and you can find yourself using this ball on medium-heavy oil conditions. To top it all off, a Lime/Black/White color scheme and a Moroccan Mint scent. Storm truly knows how to push the envelope. I also am curious to see what this ball is going to look like in the hands of not only the one-handed bowlers but for two-handed bowlers like myself.

Finally Storm has made a Match Up hybrid. As an owner of the Match Up Pearl, I am extremely happy that a hybrid version is coming out.The new Match Up Hybrid will have the Stinger 2.0 core wrapped round the Reactor Hybrid Reactive cover. Finished at 1500-Grit Polished finish, you can see this ball be used on medium-drier lane conditions and give you a controlled angular motion on the backend. The two-handed bowlers favorite word of “control.”... As a Storm fan and a big time bowler in general, I’m extremely excited for this release, not that the Intense isn’t going to be great as well. For more of a two-handed bowler’s game like mine, I would be gravitating to the Match Up Hybrid.

I would encourage all one-handed bowlers to drill an Intenseand I would encourage all Storm bowling fans to drill both new bowling balls when they hit pro shops October 27th. I also would encourage all bowlers in general to subscribe to us here at, it’s where bowlers go.