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Storm is Driving Into February In Style 2/15/2018

Riding off probably one of the most successful years in the history of the company, Storm Bowling drove into the 2018 calendar year in style, introducing a brand new ball to their Signature line that is set to release February 9th, the Storm Drive. Now, it’s only fitting that once again the Drive is the signature ball for the now four-time PBA Player of the Year, Jason Belmonte.

We all know of his first signature ball that released early 2017, the Timeless. Now, that ball was a ball that has had some “mixed” reviews.. I myself never drilled or threw one to give my two cents, but the news currently is the Storm Drive is suppose to be bigger and better than the Timeless. Let’s ride along with this new beast that not only has four wheels and a seat, but an engine that is going to be powerful.

The brand new Storm Drive has the color scheme of gold pearl/navy solid/red solid, a paint job that I haven’t really seen all too much on a high performance ball. Decked out with the R2S Nano Hybrid cover, this ball will give you great flare and continuous angularity on the backend. For two-handed bowlers, I see the keyword of “control” that is a jaw dropper. Under the hood of the brand new Storm Drive, we have the Dual-Drive weight block. This core will only be featured in 14 to 16 pound bowling balls, and a Centripetal core in the 12 and 13 pounders.

Finished at 3000 Grit Abralon, expect this ball to be clean through the front, increase the mid-lane read and the entry angle into the pocket that all Storm bowlers and bowling fans in general love to see. I might be sounding like a car salesman talking about the brand new Storm Drive. But with a name on a bowling ball that is the coolest I’ve seen since the Fast and Furious, it’s really hard to not give a pitch to you on a bowling ball like this, talking like one.

I mean we are talking decked out, to the nines, high class, super styling, Hollywood Boulevard driving bowling ball that is steering to the pocket with the mission of knocking ten pins over the way every Storm ball knows how to.

Storm truly is “the bowlers company”. But let me turn the tables here a bit. Jason has now got his second signature line ball, undoubtedly the face of the Storm brand, but when do you think we are going to see a signature line ball for some of the greats of our game? I’m talking Norm Duke and Pete Weber. Over 20+ year dedication to the Storm family, I say it’s long overdue. I believe by the end of the 2018 calendar year they should have a signature line ball.

Signatures might only be a few squiggly lines on a piece of paper, but these signature line bowling balls have a lot of thought into them, making sure they are going to be ideal for their target audience. One-handed, two-handed, even the backup ball bowlers and backwards bowlers, there is always something for everybody right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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