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Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball Reaction Video

Available November 17, 2008

The HY-ROAD™ is the latest release in the Thunder™ Series of balls. HY-ROAD™ is the perfect complement to the 2007 solid ball of the year; the T-ROAD™ Solid.

That's right. We've merged together the T-Road™ Solid and the T-Road™ Pearl and created the new Hy-Road - the Ultimate hybrid. This was accomplished by blending the R2S™ coverstock at 50% Solid and 50% Pearl and then wrapping it around the road-tested Fe Technology core.

Buckle up, because this baby is gonna turn the corner hard in the mid-lane and then floor it to the pocket


  • Coverstock: R2S™ Hybrid
  • Weight Block: Inverted Fe2™ Technology
  • Durometer: 74-76
  • Flare Potential: 5-6" (Med-High)
  • Fragrance: Boysenberry

Review by Staff Member Tony Ruocco:

The one thing I loved about the Storm Hy-Road was the ability it gave me to play different parts of the lane. I can stand further right and play a little straighter. It still allowed me to get through the heads easily while maintaining enough energy down lane. After finding out that I could play straighter with this ball, I moved left about 15 boards to stand at 35. This is where I usually like to throw my Storm Virtual Gravity. Once again, this ball impressed me by turning the corner effortlessly and exploding at the pins, sending messengers everywhere. This is an essential piece in any bowlers arsenal.

Review by Staff Member John Congdon:

We tested the ball on a fresh typical house shot before our Thursday night league. I was able to control this ball better than most High Performance Bowling Balls. It still got down the lane with a strong backend reaction. This ball is a GREAT companion to the Storm Virtual Gravity. Start your night out with the Virtual Gravity and as the lane condition changes and the Virtual Gravity starts to hook too much, change to the Storm Hy-Road and finish your night strong.

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