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Stay In The Bowling Moment

We have all heard the term “don’t get ahead of yourself.” In bowling, this means to stay in the moment, in the present, and avoid thinking too far ahead to future frames or back to frames gone by.

Do not complicate your bowling thoughts. Think in the present and remain focused on your very next delivery. To perform at a high standard during competition, any bowler must reduce emotion and frustration with past results and focus instead on what the next challenge presents.

Keep it simple. Being an effective bowler means using the keys to your game and playing the lanes to your advantage. If you are properly prepared, you merely need to make a crisp decision as to how you will play the lane in your upcoming frame and concentrate only on making a good shot when the time arrives.

Bowling is a mental and a physical game. Learning how to concentrate on your game during competition and making good decisions when adjustments are needed is a process all successful players master.

You can easily throw yourself off-stride if you allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind. Avoid trying to force a good delivery, instead trust your technique and zoom in on making the delivery needed to hit the pocket.

Plan on making a smooth beginning to your approach, a good finish when releasing your bowling ball, and between make certain you pay attention to your sighting target.

Any muddled thoughts while under the pressures of bowling competition can only lead to complicating matters and possibly to poor results.

Your practice sessions are your “playgound” for experimentation. You work on all important aspects of your game in practice and then trust your instincts and your skills during competition.

The notion of playing the game beyond the foul line will de-emphasize the pressure of making good shots and place greater emphasis on playing the lanes effectively.

Avoid cluttering your mind with too many physical game commands and trust your ability to deliver your bowling ball along your intended delivery path.

Bowling effectively means keeping things as simple as you can while you bowl and not getting ahead of yourself. Retain an even temperament through the highs and lows of competition so you can easily pay most attention to your very next shot.

Performing well when under pressure is key to bowling well and winning, everyone understands this concept. Reducing tension begins by eliminating unneeded thoughts when preparing to make your next important shot.

To avoid becoming rattled in competition, bundle your thinking to the simple process of placing full concentration on what you need to do on your very next delivery. Stay in the bowling moment.