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Sports Challenge Network (SCN) Partners With Strike Ten Entertainment To Deliver Go Bowling Mobile App


ATLANTA – Sports Challenge Network (SCN), the leaders in mobile solutions for the bowling industry and creators of XBowling and Action Bowling, announced today that they have completed an agreement with Strike Ten Entertainment (STE) to be the exclusive mobile app and digital contest platform for the national network of Strike Ten Entertainment Bowling Centers.

This landmark exclusive agreement is set to accelerate growth and lead digital innovation within the sport of bowling. Through its relationship with STE, SCN brings expertise and unwavering passion in delivering consumers access to products that truly move the industry forward by exciting bowlers, delivering new engaging products to proprietors, and creating more traffic inside of bowling centers.

“We are excited to provide the bowling industry with the Go Bowling App. This new mobile platform will engage bowlers, bowling centers, vendors, sponsors and other related brands to further grow the industry,” said Tim Minard, Founder and CEO of SCN. “We are committed to delivering new opportunities to bowling proprietors and customers. Our mission is to serve the sport of bowling through the advancement of mobile and digital technology by inspiring more people to bowl and to do it more often.”

SCN will deliver a marketplace of products and services via the Go Bowling App, including the fastest-growing program the sport has to offer, Action Bowling. Action Bowling is a consumer -facing mobile product that lets league bowlers across the U.S. compete in daily, weekly, monthly and season-long contests using their own league scores for real cash from the comfort of their home center. The new Go Bowling App also provides a back-end system to more easily manage various aspects of business from one simple platform, including the ability to custom-create coupons, and messaging in real- time.

“SCN has proven itself as a technological leader in terms of delivering products that are embraced both by bowling center owners on the business-to-business side and by bowlers on the consumer side,” said John Harbuck, STE president. “In today’s world, you have to deliver on the digital front, and SCN gives bowling an edge in this area.”

The new Go Bowling App is available now in Google Play and the App Store.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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