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Sport Bowling Leagues

If you want to put your bowling skills to work on challenging lane conditions, the perhaps Sport Bowling Leagues are something you should consider! If your bowling center is registered for Sport Bowling Leagues and you who wish to have some fun and bowl with others also wishing to compete on the same relative, challenging lane conditions, then enter a Sport League this coming season. Find out how you will fare on USBC certified lane patterns dedicated to Sport League and Sport Tournaments.

USBC Sport Bowling is an optional membership level that presents the chance to experience a new challenge and satisfy a bowler’s competitive nature regardless of the bowler’s skill. Conducted on challenging lane conditions, Sport Bowling leagues and tournaments emphasize the bowler’s ability to deliver the bowling ball accurately and consistently, make necessary adjustments, read lanes, and convert spares — skills that will ultimately improve a bowler’s game.

The 2000 - 2001 bowling season saw the advent of Sport Bowling and became the PBA Experience Leagues where bowlers can complete with other peers on the same patterns the pro bowlers use on the National Tour. Although at the end of the 2010 - 2011 season, the contract is expiring between USBC and the PBA, Steve Wunderlich, Director of Membership Development and Sport Bowling at USBC Headquarters in Arlington, Texas, related to us during a recent conversation that he expects the contract to be renewed and extended very soon. If you enjoy bowling in the PBA Experience Leagues, very likely you will be able to continue into the next bowling season.

Today, Sport Bowling is recognized as the competitive standard in bowling. Almost every premier bowling tournament is rolled on Sport Bowling lane conditions — including USBC Championships and Lumber Liquidator Professional Bowlers Association Tour events. To maintain the integrity of Sport Bowling events, it is critical of the Sport Bowling program that the lane conditions present at the start of certified competition comply with Sport Bowling lane dressing specifications.

In addition, when using PBA Experience patterns, they should be representative of the specific PBA Experience pattern being used. Therefore, once lanes are conditioned for Sport Bowling leagues or tournaments, there shall be no bowling prior to the start of the competition, except for a reasonable amount of practice balls authorized by the competition, not to exceed thirty minutes.

Sport Bowling competition will guarantee that any honor score bowled qualifies for a Sport award. Of course, everyone has a great deal of interest in specifically what type of lane conditions does Sport Bowling competition require. The Sport Bowling Manual has all the information necessary to explain the lane patterns designated for use in these competitions and how the conditions must be monitored to ensure integrity and uniformity on all lane surfaces across the country.

To obtain and retain a Sport center certificate to host Sport Bowling competition, the bowling center must:
1. Be USBC certified.
2. Have access to a tape take-up device.
3. Have registered the center online on
4. Have an approved Sport Bowling lane dressing inspection on file with USBC Headquarters.
5. Submit graphs and/or tapes every week for every competition.
6. Be in compliance with all USBC certification requirements in addition to all Sport Bowling lane dressing requirements.

It is easy to understand how seriously the USBC takes Sport Bowling competitions. For bowlers, however, it is very enjoyable to see how well you might score on Sport lane patterns versus normal house lane conditions. In fact, the USBC provides an Average Adjustment scale to help convert the differences in average from the Sport conditions to house conditions.

Average Adjustment Chart

Sport Bowling conditions are more challenging than typical league conditions. Therefore, bowler averages under Sport Bowling conditions will typically be lower. We have confirmed this through the analysis of scores from Sport Bowling leagues and tournaments across North America. In an effort to equalize competition during standard tournaments, the following adjustment scale has been created for bowlers only having a Sport Bowling average. The adjustment scale is to be used under the following conditions:

*The scale applies to Sport Bowlers who ONLY have a Sport Bowling average.
*If a bowler has an established standard average, that average shall be used for standard tournaments.
*This adjustment scale is not considered a "re-rate" of the bowler. Its purpose is to allow for a fair adjustment to what would be expected of the bowler on a standard league condition.
*The adjustment scale does not supersede the ability of a tournament director to further adjust upward any bowler's entering average in a tournament.
*As additional data is obtained, slight changes to the scale may occur. If so, the updated scale will be published.
*The adjustment scale has been statistically designed to correct 95 percent of the Sport Bowling league averages to within 5 percent of a bowler's standard average.

Average Adjustment Scale
Sport League Adjusted Sport League Adjusted Sport League Adjusted
Average Average Average Average Average Average
0-130 Same160 171 190 205
131 133 161 172 191 205
132 135 162 173 192 206
133 137 163 174 193 207
134 138 164 176 194 208
135 141 165 178 195 208
136 143 166 179 196 208
137 144 167 182 197 208
138 146 168 183 198 209
139 147 169 185 199 210
140 148 170 187 200 211
141 149 171 189 201 212
142 149 172 190 202 213
143 150 173 190 203 214
144 151 174 191 204 215
145 151 175 192 205 216
146 152 176 193 206 217
147 153 177 194 207 218
148 156 178 195 208 219
149 157 179 196 209 219
150 159 180 197 210 220
151 160 181 198 211 221
152 161 182 199 212 222
153 162 183 200 213 222
154 164 184 201 214 222
155 165 185 202 215 222
156 166 186 203 216 223
157 167 187 204 217 224
158 169 188 205 218 225
159 170 189 205 219 and up SL Ave+7
Note: This Average Adjustment Scale is effective for USBC Sport Bowling average adjustments from Aug. 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011. wishes to pique your interest in Sport Bowling competition and we thought this Average Adjustment Chart might do the trick. We hope you inquire at your local bowling centers if Sport Bowling Leagues and/or Tournaments are scheduled so you can consider experiencing these competitive conditions and get the most out of your game.

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