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Speed Up Your Steps To Gain Bowling Ball Speed

If you are a senior bowler or an experienced adult bowler who suffers from insufficient ball speed, there is a fairly easy technique to pick up overall ball speed.

First, many bowlers who have slow ball speed may not have the overall physical strength to deliver the ball with more speed by using swing force. Using the forces of gravity to get you moving a bit more quickly can achieve the desired end in gaining ball speed without using more arm or swing force.

One reliable technique to gain bowling ball speed is to pick up the pace of your steps by walking more briskly than normal. In fact, walking quickly with lively steps can help you gain one or two miles per hour ball speed.

Bowlers with slow and methodical footwork are the most likely candidates to benefit from an increased pace of steps.

It is critical, of course, to not walk so quickly as to lose balance and accuracy delivering your bowling ball.

You should first practice faster steps when your scores do not count in competition.

Silently count cadence of each step using your current approach, then count cadence again after you increase the pace of your steps. You will find yourself counting a bit more quickly when using a lively pace of steps.

A side benefit to walking more quickly is you will also find your swing moves more swiftly helping you gain bowling ball speed.

It helps to double-check your set-up position on the approach, and make certain your knees are not stiff-legged to begin your approach. Flex your knees slightly and maintain the flexed knees each step to the line. Use, perhaps, a bit more flex with your sliding leg moving toward the center of your body for good sliding balance while delivering your bowling ball.

Many bowlers will step, then hesitate slightly before taking the next step of their approach. If you find you are hesitating while trying to walk overly careful to the foul line, counting the cadence of your steps will reveal just how slowly you are walking.

Pick up the pace gradually. No need to run, but there is a need to keep your leg tension as relaxed as possible when walking to the foul line and avoid any hesitation between steps.

Of course, if you already use fast steps, there are other reasons why your ball speed is not in the the right speed range. You may wish to consult a professional bowling instructor to guide you to achieving greater ball speed if you are unsure which technique is missing in your game.

If you know that your steps are slow, however, pick up your walking pace. Swing your ball more loosely and swiftly back and through. Maintain balance when you slide, and the speed you gain will help you control your bowling ball motion and increase that additional “punch” when your ball contacts the pins.