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Social Bowling Dating

By:, 4/1/16

If you planning a social bowling dating outing anytime soon, you will need to make a few preparations for the occasion.

It is important to enjoy bowling while on your date so you and your friends are encouraged to return.

Social bowling implies that your scores are not recorded for averages or for competitive standings, only for fun and recreation.

Just make certain when first arriving at the bowling center you check-in at the central control desk.

The desk personnel will assign you a lane and offer rental bowling shoes for those in your party who do not have their own equipment. No street shoes are permitted on the bowling approaches for both safety reasons and to preserve the smooth sliding surfaces on the approaches.

By the way, just be advised that typically house shoes run about one-half size larger than street shoes. It is a good idea to quickly slip them on to make sure they fit comfortably.

If you do not use your own bowling equipment, you can choose a house bowling ball from the available inventory provided by the bowling center.

These house balls are found near the lanes on special racks. Each ball has a number labeled on the ball which corresponds to the approximate weight of the given ball.

These house balls range from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. maximum allowed weight.

The gripping holes are not custom fit for any bowler in particular but rather for the general public at random hole sizes.

Most centers in America today use the automatic scorers to help bowlers track their frames bowled each game to to keep score for each player.

Bowling center personnel can easily show you how to use the scorers in setting-up to bowl.

Dress comfortably with loose fitting shirts or sweaters.

Some bowling centers offer lunar or black light bowling with loud music playing which creates a fun atmosphere as an option to regular bowling.

Planning for social bowling dating can be easy and fun but it requires double checking with the bowling center in advance to make sure lanes will be available for bowling on the time and date you wish to bowl.

Bowling leagues and other special events happen on certain days and times so a quick call to the bowling center will help you avoid any inconvenience if lanes are not readily available for use.

Observe simple lane etiquette when bowling. Use the “right of way” rule and extend one lane courtesy to bowlers on either side of you before stepping onto the approach getting ready to bowl.

When you deliver your ball and witness the result, walk off the lane right away and allow the bowlers on adjacent lanes the same courtesies.

Have fun on your date!