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Slow Ball Speed Bowlers And Dry Lane Conditions, 6/12/16

Updated 11/13/2020

Slow ball speed bowlers and dry lane conditions do not normally mix well.

If you are a slow ball speed bowler, there are a couple of strategies you may wish to consider.

*Avoid making drastic adjustments to your game during competition which may result in a loss of accuracy and control on dry lanes.

*Try to to deliver your ball a little faster than normal but not so fast that you suffer from a loss of accuracy and balance.

*Flattening your wrist position and try to stay behind the ball as long as you can before rotating your bowling fingers.

*Use bowling balls with symmetric core designs (your pro shop professional can help you select a good ball to help you match best with dry lanes) and use drilling layouts to provide a weak or moderate reaction on the back end of the lane.

Getting your ball to react with a controllable motion when coming into contact with high friction portions of the lane surface will reduce an uncontrollable hook reaction as lane as oil conditioner dissipates from excessive linage.

*Experiment with the surface texture of your favorite bowling balls so you can increase ball skid distance.

*Avoid the temptation to not move your alignment on the approach and your spot on the lane when your ball begins to hook too much.

*Develop a lateral adjustment system to help you find new or fresh lane oil to restore a reliable ball skid distance.

*Focus on playing your game, use your accuracy and control, and use equipment which makes it easiest for you to hit the pocket with consistency when facing dry lane conditions.

So many bowlers get trapped by trying to hurdle the ball faster than they are prepared to control. Avoid this trap and use your alignment techniques, your release technique, and use bowling balls which will help you gain a reliable ball reaction.

Rely on your skills when faced with dry lane conditions.

Trust using one or more of the above mentioned tips to help you combat dry lanes.

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