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Slide Smoothly Into The Bowling Foul Line

If you are new to the game or only a casual bowler who has never taken formal bowling instructions, it is important to develop a smooth and balanced slide into the foul line.

Developing a smooth bowling slide begins with making good steps leading into the final slide step. Here are a few tips for the final slide step to build into your developing game:

1. Your slide step must move toward the center of your body for maximum support and balance which will stabilize your upper body while you are releasing your bowling ball.

2. Gradually increase the pace of each step so you build momentum leading into your final slide step.

3. Slide into the foul line area with the toe of your sliding bowling shoe pointing toward the pins.

4. Slide as near the foul line as possible without through the line. Slide no further than 6 inches from the foul line.

5. Enter the sliding area of the approach with the ball of your sliding bowling shoe sole first contacting the approach floor before your heel contacts the floor.

The entire bottom surface of your bowling shoe must provide a long and smooth sliding motion with your body weight aligned above your sliding shoe.

6. Flex your knees slightly in your stance position and maintain that flex as you walk to the line. Gradually increase the amount of knee flex each step. Your sliding knee should be bent about 60-75 degrees while taking a long and well balanced slide motion.

It helps tremendously to own a good pair of bowling shoes to provide you with comfort and sliding stability.

Developing good footwork and sliding techniques lead to accurate shot making.